Last Track to Boston Marathon

Last Track To Boston Marathon

Saturday,September 1, 2012, 3:00 PM
Falls Church High School track, 7521 Jaguar Trail, Falls Church VA  22042
  • Not-quite-complete lap-by-lap results
  • Read all about us in The Washington Post
  • Congratulations to our finishers!
    Bib  ##  Name                        G Age City State         Time    M  F
    ---  -- --------------------------   - --- ----------------   ------  -  -
     10  1  Miguel Angel Sanchez-Ruano   M  45 Woodbridge VA     3:50:11  1
     3   2  Nicklaus Randall Combs       M  29 Fairfax VA        3:55:20  2
     13  3  Jay Jacob Wind               M  62 Arlington VA      3:56:35  3
     8   4  Deborah Margraff             F  54 Reston VA         5:07:41     1
     2   5  Tammy M. Bagdasarian         F  44 Herndon VA        5:25:43     2
     5   6  Eugene Fritzel               M  62 Lutherville MD    5:47:38  4
     6   7  Edward Gerard Keller         M  50 Topeka KS         6:14:26  5

    Brief Description:

  • We designed this event specifically to give you one last chance to qualify for 2013 Boston Marathon.
  • We provide lap counters, tents for shade on the track, and refreshments every lap.
  • Example Lap Counter Sheet
  • Registration for 2013 Boston Marathon opens on September 10, so this race may be your last best shot.
  • See BAA's 2013 qualifying times
  • Read our Welcome Letter
  • Start Time:

  • We plan to start at 3:00 PM
  • PVTC's youth track meet and pentathlon precede our event.
  • Thus our start time may be delayed a few minutes until the youth track meet and pentathlon 1500-meter race are completed.
  • On-site packet pickup opens 2:15 - 2:45 PM
  • Field Limit:

  • 25 entries
  • Lap Timers:

  • If you bring a lap timer, you get a $10 discount on your entry free, AND
  • We pay lap timers $50 for timing 3-5 athletes.
  • We provide a chart for each athlete with 105.5 checkboxes.
  • The lap timers fill in each checkbox with each athlete's time for that lap
  • The lap timers inform each athlete how many laps finished and how many laps to go.
  • Event Description:

  • Online registration closes August 29 at midnight Eastern Time.
  • You may register on-site 2:15-2:45 PM on race day.
  • If you provide a lap timer, you get a $10 discount on your entry, AND we pay the lap timer $50 to time 3-5 athletes.
  • Since we're on a 400-meter track, 42.195 kilometers (26.21875 miles) is 5 meters less than 105.5 laps.
  • You're never more than 100 meters from refreshments - water, athletic drink, Campbell's V-8 V-Fusion Wildberry -- and never more than 100 meters from a bathroom.
  • Totally flat, no road crossings, start in daylight, finish at dusk.
  • We searched ARRS for all-time outdoor track marathon world records, and we found none.
  • We think these are the world records:
          • Men: 2:48:34 -- Chuck Engle on Day Four of Savage Seven Marathons, December 29, 2011, Pensacola FL
          • Women: 3:53:21 -- Theresa Nosko Lyon at Drake Well Marathon, December 23, 2006, Titusville PA, 14 seconds ahead of 3:53:35 -- Shannon Hays on Day Two of Savage Seven Marathons, December 27, 2011, Pensacola FL
          • Source: Savage Seven Marathons
          • Source:
          • Please contact us if you know of a faster time on a 400-meter or 440-yard outdoor track
  • We provide printed personalized certificates of completion and commemorative medals to all finishers.
  • We offer a cash prize of $50 to the first male and first female finisher
  • We offer a $50 bonus for breaking a world record
  • Race-Day procedures:
  • We set up a registration table at 2:15 PM on race day so you can pick up your bib number
  • We set up four tents around the track with a water table, a PowerBar Energy Blast table, and two more, maybe one sponsor table with energy drinks
  • We have a pre-printed lap chart for each entrant | EXAMPLE
  • We have at least two lap counters, including a father and son and one other. Each lap counter can handle 4-5 runners
  • We may also have a skilled Time Machine operator
  • We bring the digital display clock, Time Machine, and whistle to the start point halfway around the track. At 2:55 PM, we gather everyone to the start, and at 3 PM, we start them with a whistle, and also start the Time Machine and clock.
  • Ideally, our Time Machine operator records each bib number and lap. Thus we have an independent verification of laps
  • As each runner finishes a lap, the lap counter records the CLOCK TIME (not just a checkmark) on the appropriate chart. Because the distance is 105.5 laps, the recordings are actually at 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 ... 104.5, 105.5 laps
  • The jobs of the field director are to supervise the lap counters, to supervise the Time Machine operator, to assure that the four aid stations on the track are replenished with water and other provisions, and to report to the runners how many laps they have covered and when they are approaching their finish
  • We are considering a big-print display board that we update periodically with lap counts. We thought about 9 flip-charts numbered 0.5 to 105.5, but that would about 950 pages. Maybe we can come up with a low-tech solution
  • No t-shirts, but we have Potomac River Run Marathon medals for all finishers
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