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Run For Fahad Khan

On Saturday, February 11, Safety And Heatlh Foundation assists with Have A Heart For Hoffman-Boston Elementary School 5K

Race participant Marty Gold leads a fund-raising effort to cover the medical expenses of Fahad Khan, the oldest son of the woman who takes care of Marty's daughter Nora during the day. The Khan family lives in the Barcroft neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia.

Fahad is 23 and suffers from debilitating TMJ lockjaw. Fahad has completed an A.A. from Northern Virginia Community College, but his condition has prevented him from continuing school. He has explored every option thoroughly. After numerous consultations with numerous doctors and other health care professionals, his family decided that surgery is their best choice. Unfotunately, as a non-citizen legally in the USA, Fahad falls into kind of an insurance black hole. He can't get commercial insurance because of his pre-existing condition, and he can't get on the state rolls, so his family has to pay out of pocket. His family set up a website ( for the cause that lays out the situation in detail (with proof) and provides a mechanism for donating. If you can visit the website and donate $5 or $10, you will greatly help a young man who needs your help.