Potomac River Run Marathon & Half Welcome Letter 2


Thank you for entering the 10.5th annual Potomac River Run Marathon & Half Marathon

Please check the event's official website for updates: http://www.safetyandhealthfoundation.org/marathon/20131117.php

To view your complete registration details, click http://www.active.com/send_confirmation_reciept.cfm?event_id=2092795

Thank you for entering the 10.5th annual Potomac River Run Marathon on Sunday, November 17, 2013, at 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM, at Carderock Recreation Area on the C&O Canal Towpath, in memory of Dean Shulman (1961-2012).

We shall send messages every few days this week to keep you informed about our race.

We opened a Facebook page about Potomac River Run Marathon to enable you to share rides and gossip and to throw sheep at each other. Join our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/PotomacRiverRun/

Thank you for entering the 10.5th annual Potomac River Run Marathon & Half Marathon, in memory of Dean Shulman.

If you're just joining us, please review my earlier welcome letter at http://www.safetyandhealthfoundation.org/marathon/20131110.php

More news:

When you pick up your goodie bag, bib number, and t-shirt, you also get something special -- a high-powered LED light that you can clip onto your hat, sleeve, belt, backpack, or bike to be seen from hundreds of feet away.

See http://www.dontgethit.com/snake-light-with-lens.html

Choose your color -- red, white, blue, yellow, green -- one to a customer, please.

We are proud to offer Simone Super Energy drink at our start / midpoint / finish. You may try it at packet pick-up. See www.SimoneSuperEnergy.com for ordering information. Most "energy" drinks are sugar, salt, and potassium chloride. One cup of Simone Super Energy contains 100% of your minimum daily adult requirements of all vitamins and minerals, 6 electrolytes rather than 3, amino acids to spare your muscles from rhabdomyolysis -- AKA "the wall" -- and lactic acid neutralizers to enable you to run fast even when you're tired. WARNING: Contains whey protein. WARNING: Does not contain sugar, so it's not sweet.

In theory, a pint (two cups) of Simone Super Energy keeps you hydrated for 3 hours. If you don't believe me, look at my finish at New York City Marathon, where I ran 3:30:28 just a week after I ran 3:30:51 at Marine Corps Marathon.

I tested Simone Super Energy by drinking a pint before the start, no caffeine, no additional water. I was able to run strong through 20 miles at a steady 7:50/mile pace, splashing water on myself but not drinking. I took water at each mile starting at 20, just for safety, and finished strong.

The following Monday night, I was so quickly recovered that I ran a track workout; then Tuesday, I ran with my group at Pacers and hit the final hill in 3:41, just 4 seconds off my all-time best 3:37 on that hill.

Then last weekend ...

o On Saturday, I ran 22:35 for 5K in New York City, 20th male, 24th overall, first finisher over the age of 46 (I'm 63). See http://results.bazumedia.com/event/results/event/event-6261 (I drank a cup of Simone Super Energy before that race.)

o On Sunday, I drank two cups of Simone Super Energy before Veterans Day 10K in Washington DC and finished in 46:39, 254th overall in a field of 1,814, and second M60-64.

See http://www.albanyrunningexchange.org/results/search.php?ID=3562

OK, I had some coffee before that race, but just an ounce.

So try Simone Super Energy. You'll like it.

Finally, my friend Marie Morton looks forward on Saturday and Sunday to serving you her new Runners' Pancakes with lingonberries (extremely high in antioxidants -- see for example http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15826073) and kamut (see for wxample https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khorasan_wheat) or teff flour (see for example http://whatscookingamerica.net/CharlotteBradley/Teff-Flour.htm), way different from wheat and buckwheat, which are pretty good themselves.

Marie and I want to hear your reactions to her new product.

o If you want the change your distance (half or full marathon) or start time (8:00 AM or 9:00 AM), please let me know ASAP so I can update your data before I print your bib number.

o Finally, many have asked about Red Top Cab's taxi service leaving Key Bridge Marriott, 1401 Lee Highway, Arlington VA, at 7:00 AM sharp, en route to Carderock Recreation Area. You MUST pre-order for $10 on-line via http://www.active.com/framed/event_detail.cfm?event_id=2092795 before 6 PM, Friday, November 15, so I can send a complete list to Red Top Cab. You can also call Red Top Cab at 703-522-3333 to arrange a pickup from National Airport (DCA) or from anywhere else in Arlington to anywhere in the DC area. A one-person fare from Key Bridge Mariott to Carderock Recreation Area is about $30, but don't expect a cab driver to know where is Carderock, since it doesn't have an address -- you'll have to say it's one mile west of I-495 Beltway off Clara Barton Parkway, Exit 41.

(Small comfort -- New York City Marathon's starting line at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island doesn't have an address either!

We look forward to hosting you at the 10½th annual Potomac River Run Marathon.

-- Thank you!!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !.2

-- Travel safely!

-- Best wishes

-- Jay Jacob Wind, Director

-- Safety And Health Foundation

-- Potomac River Run Marathon