Thank you for joining 2018 Georgetown Half Marathon!

We were delighted to welcome you today.

Complete results are now up'n'running at

Awards are at

Active results are at

Timing terminology:

On our page --

  • "Time" is as manually-recorded on the printing stopwatch -- with the amusing brand name "Time Machine" (tm) -- from the moment we whistled the start until the moment we visually captured your bib number, which occasionally took a few seconds when bib numbers were not visible at the finish line. We went through the name tags and made sure that we recorded a finish time for everyone
  • "E-clock" is your clock time -- from the moment we whistled the start to the moment we electronically-recorded your finish via your RFID timing chip. Some finishers may not have worn their chips, and possibly a few chips weren't read, so a few blanks appear for "E-clock" -- but for almost all the chip reads, E-clock times were amazingly close to manual-recorded times
  • "E-time" is your "net time" -- from the moment you crossed the start line to the moment you finished, so if you started 15 seconds back, E-time is E-clock minus 15 seconds approximately
  • The results are presented in plain text -- use F to find your name

    On Active's page --

  • "Final results" is their term for "Time"
  • "Gun time" is their term for "E-clock"
  • "Chip time" is their term for "E-time"
  • Where no Chip time was recorded, Gun time and Chip time are simply "Final results" time
  • The results are searchable by name or bib number

    We apologize for the lack of portable toilets before the start. We ordered and pre-paid for four portable toilets, but Don's Johns delivered them to somewhere else -- we don't know where. We thank you for your patience as we delayed the start for about two minutes until everyone was ready to run. We'll take up the matter with Don's Johns on Monday. I promise it won't happen again.

    If you happen to still have your RFID timing chip, please mail it back to us using the address label enclosed in the plastic envelope. We plan to re-use the chips at many races in the future.

    How 'bout that great weather! How 'bout that DJ! How 'bout that post-race picnic! How 'bout those printed results immediately after every 50 finishers! How 'bout those great t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags for award winners! How 'bout those helpful U.S. Park Police officers who served and protected and also opened the gate at Lock 10 just in time! How 'bout those enthusiastic volunteers and spectators!

    Thanks to everyone for a lovely day!

    We hope to see you next year, and thank you for running for girls' education in Kenya and Nepal.

  • Please call me with any questions

  • Thank you,
  • Jay Jacob Wind, director
  • Safety And Health Foundation
  • 703-927-4833

  • Adrianne Doherty
  • 703-309-6657