A Letter from Ethiopia: Abebe Bikila's Gravesite

Dear Jay Jacob,
      I have gone to the church where Abebe Bikila was buried. It is found in the Eastern Part of Addis Ababa at a place called Nifassilk. The church is Saint Joseph Orthodox church. (The) most famous Ethiopian people are buried here. Abebe Bikila's grave is in the center of the graveyard.
      The picture (on the left) is the church where it is found. The other pictures are the monument.)
      Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, unknown people tried to steal the statue that is found at his grave place, and when I got there, the monument was already brought down, and it was fenced with plastic for maintenance, and also it was prohibited to take any pictures.
      So I had to use my mobile phone and take the picture. I tried to get many pictures, but I was caught by the guard, and I had to stop.
Regards, Negussie

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