Thank you for entering Abebe Bikila Day International Peace Half Marathon.

From the moment the cloud of little bugs flew over the bridge at Fletcher's Cove, giving us the feeling of being on Pandora in "Avatar," to the amazingly coincidental fly-by of jets just as Selamawit Seifu finished singing "The Star-Spangled Banner," both at 7:50 AND at 8:50, to the huge number of volunteers from Buy A Brick Foundation, AIMS India Foundation, American and Asian Indian Charitable Trust, DC Capital Striders, and all the participants and spectators who pitched in, to the great refreshments from Bobbi Foley at Isagenix and Kassa Maru of Zelalem Injera, to the lovely smiles of our 326 finishers, to the great greetings of our host, two-time Ethiopian Olympic boxer Seifu Makonnen (who knew Abebe Bikila personally), to the tears in my eyes as I rang the 9-11 memorial bells 184 times ... To the spectacular performances by all of our athletes ... We had a beautiful day!

I am working on the results to eliminate any obvious errors, and I shall post the tonight after Yom Kippur services. I note that we may not have caught all the marathoners who switched to the half or vice versa, or those who took advantage of clear, almost chilly weather at 8 AM rather than start at 9 AM -- so the first draft of the results will be in finish time order. Then please comment on them with corrections to distance and start time by 10 PM Sunday, September 15, so I can send corrected results to Boston Athletic Association before the open on Monday morning.

There is a problem, however, encountered by the first athletes to use today's race to qualify for Boston 2014. Our race is named "Abebe Bikila Day International Peace Marathon and Half," but the USATF-certified course map DC09005RT says "Potomac River Run Marathon and Half." We ran exactly the certified course, inch for inch, and our turnaround marshal at mile 6.55 is herself a professional course measurer for certfication, and she was in exactly the right spot.

To our first Boston applicants today, Trygve Larsen of BAA responded with a form letter reserving judgment on approving today's Boston qualifier times. I called him and left a message that we used USATF-certified course DC09005RT, and I later sent him detailed documentation when I got home from religious services tonight. I'm sorry about this problem, and I will work tirelessly to get it resolved immediately if not sooner.

Thank you for participating, and thank you for your patience while I make sure all our BAAses are covered.

Thank you
Jay Jacob Wind, director
Safety And Health Foundation