Thank you for entering Abebe Bikila Marathon on Saturday, September 14.

Several participants asked whether they may start at 8:00 AM rather than 9:00 AM.

We offer split starts in many of our races, so the question is reasonable.

I checked with our aid stations volunteer teams:

o at the start / finish

o American and Asian Indian Charitable Trust and AIMS India Foundation at Lock 5 and Lock 7

o DC Capital Striders at Lock 10

They each agreed that they can provide at least one volunteer an hour early at their aid stations. Thus we are able to offer an optional 8:00 AM start for a few participants. The aid stations will be fully staffed for the 9:00 AM start, but you won;t have to carry any bottled water if you select the 8:00 AM start.

The 8:00 AM start is mostly for marathoners who need more than 5 hours to finish, but also anyone who wants one hour of cooler temperatures. It's a Boston Qualifier just like the 9:00 AM start, with medals and post-race picnic, but no competitive awards.

To change to the 8:00 AM start, please use this free form

  • Thank you
  • Jay Jacob Wind, director
  • Safety And Health Foundation