• We share everyone's concerns about COVID-19 and its spread in the population
  • We operate subject to the regulations of National Park Service
  • Read "Record of Determination for a Public Use Limitation to Prevent Spread of COVID-19"
  • We will inform you via this page and via e-mail as soon as possible
  • As needed, we will convert our large-gathering races into virtual races that you can run on our own and report your times and dates back to us

  • ACE Physical Therapy
    & Sports Medicine Institute
    Abebe Bikila Day
    International Peace Marathon & Half

    Abebe Bikila Day
    International Peace Marathon & Half
    Saturday, September 12, 2020


  • Please use THIS FORM to defer your registration to a 2021 race, or to go virtual
  • If you choose to defer to 2021, we will send you a free-entry code and instructions to enter your 2021 race
  • If you choose to go virtual, please use THE SAME FORM to enter your half or full marathon time by September 12, and we will mail t-shirt, medal, and certificate to you

    Dear Entrant,

    Thank you for entering SHF’s 17 1/2th annual Potomac River Run Marathon and Half in memory of Dean Shulman and Wendy Martinez.

    I hoped that we could move forward with our plans to conduct the events live, and I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    This week, I met with all our volunteer team leaders. They were unanimous to cancel the physical marathon for fall 2020 and to offer you instead either a virtual race or a free deferral to our 2021 races. The volunteer team leaders agreed that we can't hold the races safely on October 3 because of risk factors:

  • The need to provide water and other refreshments safely at the start / on-course / at the finish
  • The need to have sanitary on-site portable toilets and hand-washing facilities for everyone
  • The requirements to clean up thoroughly afterwards
  • Most important, a race means close physical contact between the volunteers, spectators, and hundreds of runners

    If even just one person got sick, the volunteer leaders and I would all be responsible.

    We’re sorry we can’t conduct the actual race, but we have to protect your safety and health – that’s our name. Please, everyone, stay safe and healthy.

    So now, we closed registration for the races, and as soon as possible, I shall set up web pages to enable you to select virtual or deferral. You have plenty of time to decide. Then I send you instructions on how to

  • Register FOR FREE (no $10 transfer fee) for our 2021 races (May 2, September 11, and October 2, 2021)
  • Self-report any half marathon or full marathon distance run, even if separated over several days

    If you run your distance anytime, anywhere, and report it via the web page we provide, we mail your Potomac River Run Marathon & Half t-shirt and your medal to you.

    I am sorry it turned out this way. I got into the marathon business after the cancellation of the official 2003 Washington DC Marathon (cancelled because of additional security required after the invasion of Iraq), and I hoped to be the marathon director who never cancelled a race, but we'll get through this together.

    Amidst the bad news, I have some good news. Our beneficiary, Buy A Brick Foundation (www.BuyABrick.org) has made a significant investment in Zimbabwe to teach local farmers to grow and harvest Artemisia annua, a known anti-malarial herbal remedy that shows positive results in the treatment of COVID-19. We documented photos of Buy A Brick’s Artemisia cultivation on the web page www.stompoutmalaria.com

    On Facebook’s Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2019, we donated $4,000 to Buy A Brick’s Artemisia work, matched by another donor, and Facebook matched our $8000 for a total of $16,000, a fortune in Zimbabwe. So some of the revenue from our races has already reached our beneficiary

    Thank you, Jay Jacob Wind
    Safety And Health Foundation

  • Running barefoot, Abebe Bikila won the 1960 Olympic Marathon
    Rome, Italy, September 10, 1960

    Wearing shoes, he again won the 1964 Olympic Marathon
    Tokyo, Japan, October 21, 1964 (photo below)

    Read everything about Abebe Bikila's victory Abebe Bikila
    Abebe Bikila

    Abebe Bikila Day 2018 shirt

    Those were the feet
    that accomplished the feat
    of conquering the street
    that ran through Rome
    who robbed his home
    where they sacked
    the obelisk -- but he won back

    © 2018 by Karla McDuffie and SHF
    Abebe Bikila Medal
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  • 2019 Race-day photography by Chessie Photo is on-line now

  • Race director Jay Jacob Wind interviewed
    on Embilta Radio
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